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    Nowadays, more and more industries are using cleaning machines to improve work efficiency and achieve ideal results. The high-pressure deburring and cleaning machine is not a simple cleaning equipment, but more a scaling and rust removal strengthening equipment. Let's learn about a problem of high-pressure deburring and cleaning machine with Xiaobian.
    1. After the high-pressure deburring and cleaning machine is started, the water pump makes abnormal noise or the pressure is unstable, which does not reach the rated pressure of the machine.
    A. Check whether there is water in the water inlet pipe and whether the water supply pipe (water spray gun) is opened to prevent water and air from entering the water inlet pipe.
    B. If the water supply is insufficient, check the size of the suction pipe. If necessary, replace the water pipe with a larger diameter. Meanwhile, check whether the water has pressure. If the water inlet pressure is too small, it will directly affect the insufficient supply of water (if the tap is directly used for water supply, check whether the water flow in the pipeline is timely supplied and no air enters. If the external water source is used, it is recommended to use a small booster pump to replenish water for the machine or use a self-contained water tank).
    C. The pressure regulating valve is not opened or adjusted effectively. Adjust the valve correctly and check the nozzle. If the nozzle is too large or worn, replace the nozzle.
    D. Check whether the piston sealing gasket (water seal, O-ring) is worn and whether the water inlet filter of the machine is blocked. Clean the filter. If the filter screen is often blocked due to unclean water source, the external filter can be enlarged or the clean water source can be replaced.
    E. If it is an engine driven high-pressure deburring and cleaning machine, check whether the engine speed is adjusted normally and whether the belt falls and slips.
    2. The noise of the water pump of the high-pressure deburring and cleaning machine is too loud. The water pump has pressure, but there is strong pulsation and vibration.
    A. If the water pump bearing is damaged, replace the bearing or check the connection between the water pump and the power of the high-pressure deburring and cleaning machine, whether the elastic coupling is worn, and whether the belt is connected with pulleys.
    B. When the high-pressure water pump generates strong pulsation and vibration, first check whether the water temperature at the inlet of the water pump is too high.
    C. There is foreign matter in the valve. Clean the valve.
    In addition, when you buy this equipment, you should pay attention to the fact that cleaning machines produced by different brands certainly have their outstanding advantages and details. At this time, it depends on whether these details are what you need. For more precautions, please visit our website at www.a7f4.com.