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    The multi slot manual ultrasonic cleaning machine is applied in the industrial field and cleaning industry, and the use effect is very good. It is very popular in the market. Of course, it is inevitable to encounter some problems during use. Here are some common ones for you to prevent more.
    1. Turn on the power switch of the multi tank manual ultrasonic cleaning machine, and the indicator light does not light up. In this case, check whether the power switch is in good condition and whether the leakage switch is closed. If the switch is intact, check whether the fuse is overloaded and blown, which can be basically solved.
    2. After turning on the power switch of the multi tank manual ultrasonic cleaning machine, the indicator light is on, but there is no ultrasonic output. This situation is complicated. During maintenance, first check whether the connecting plug between the transducer and the ultrasonic power board is loose, and then check whether the fuse is blown.
    If everything is normal, it may be the internal fault of the ultrasonic power generator. Use a multimeter to open the power line and check whether all the live wires are connected. After troubleshooting the generator, check whether the ultrasonic transducer is burnt out and needs to be replaced.
    3. The DC fuse of the multi slot manual ultrasonic cleaner is blown. It may be that the rectifier bridge stack or the power tube is burnt, or the transducer is aged and the current is unstable, which may cause the power generator failure. Pay more attention to maintenance.
    be careful:
    When using the multi tank ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean the workpiece, it should be noted that the tank liquid cannot be filled too full, so as to avoid the phenomenon that the two tanks of ultrasonic cleaning agents are mixed with each other and the mucus at the bottom of the cleaning basket is discharged. In addition, each tank of the cleaning machine should be an independent operation process, so pay attention not to use the cleaning agents of the two tanks in series, nor artificially reduce the operation process and cleaning operation time.
    Here are the three common problems and relevant precautions of multi tank manual ultrasonic cleaning machine. How to prevent problems is the root. For more information, please come to our website www.a7f4.com!