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    As the application range of ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment is more and more extensive, various kinds of continuously improved and improved cleaning equipment are replacing the old equipment that has been put on the market. How much do you know about the through type cleaning machine? Let's talk about the specific process matters of the operation process of the through type cleaning machine.
    The pass through cleaning technology adopted by the pass through cleaning machine adopts 28kHz ultrasonic wave for cleaning, which is composed of spray system, nozzle rotating device, phosphating system, automatic temperature control heating system, air cutting and water blowing system, etc. For some specific cleaning objects, it is also equipped with hot air drying, special cleaning rack and cleaning liquid filtration and circulation system.
    When the through type cleaning machine works, place the material frame on the conveyor belt, and install the cleaning workpiece in the corresponding material frame. The parts shall not overlap, and the beat is 2-3min / basket; The material basket passes through the cleaning room, rinsing room, drying room and drying room in turn. After the whole process is completed, the cleaned parts will be automatically output. If there are water drops, manual supplementary blowing will be carried out, and the dried parts will be put into the dust-proof turnover box.
    Compared with the traditional cleaning equipment, the main feature of the through type cleaning machine is that it can not only effectively avoid the surface damage of the high finish object; And sub micron sized particles adhering to the surface can be removed; Even when immersed in liquid, the side facing the transducer can be cleaned, so both sides should be cleaned.
    When operating the through type cleaning machine, pay attention to placing the cleaned parts on the conveyor belt in a regular manner, and do not press them on the rollers; Moreover, on the conveyor belt, the cleaned parts cannot be stacked too much to avoid affecting the cleaning effect, and each part can be cleaned.
    After the operation of the through type cleaning machine, the cleaned parts cannot be parked on the conveyor belt. Press the stop button to stop the whole machine. Water and a certain amount of metal cleaner shall be added to the cleaning liquid regularly to make up for the consumption and keep the liquid level at a certain height. If the cleaning effect fails to meet the regular technical requirements, all cleaning liquid shall be replaced.
    This is all about the specific process matters of the operation process of the through cleaning machine. Before using it, you should learn more about the details to prevent accidents. For more information, please visit our website www.a7f4.com!