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    The working principle of the rotary spray cleaning machine is to use the mechanical vibration force with strong ultrasonic penetration force to impact the surface of the workpiece and combine the chemical decontamination effect of the hydrocarbon cleaning agent to carry out comprehensive cleaning in the vacuum state to make the surface of the workpiece, blind holes and slits clean. Next, let's talk about the working process and cleaning principle of the rotary spray cleaning machine.
    Working process of rotary spray cleaning machine
    When the rotary spray washer is in use, the cleaning basket with workpieces will be placed on the feeding platform, and then automatically sent to the feeding position of the washer. The cleaning basket will be pushed into the washer by the manipulator in order for cleaning and vacuum drying. The cleaning basket will be automatically sent out through the discharging platform (take out the workpieces), completing the whole process from cleaning to drying.
    Residual solvent obtained by distillation of crude oil. Hydrocarbons, as the name implies, are only compounds composed of two elements. The hydrocarbon cleaning agent has good environmental protection characteristics and cleaning ability, and has no corrosion to metals. It can meet the needs of parts cleaning in many fields. This product also has a certain anti rust effect. It has gradually become one of the important industrial cleaning agents.
    Cleaning principle of rotary spray cleaning machine
    The cleaning principle of hydrocarbon cleaning agent is simply based on the solubility of the solvent. Degreasing mechanism based on the solubility of grease or oily pollution: principle of similar miscibility. It is also based on this that water can be miscible with a compound having an OH structure similar to that of water, such as R-COOH (lower fatty acid) and R-OH (lower alcohol). The solubility of different liquids is closely related to surface tension and interfacial tension.
    The rotary spray cleaning machine has good cleaning performance
    When the rotary spray cleaning machine is in use, the hydrocarbon cleaning agent and most of the lubricating oil, antirust oil and machining oil are non-polar petroleum fractions. According to the principle of similarity and compatibility, the hydrocarbon cleaning agent is better than halogenated hydrocarbon and water-based cleaning agent in cleaning mineral oil.
    The evaporation loss of the rotary spray washer is small.
    The hydrocarbon cleaning agent has a high boiling point and a small volatilization loss during use and storage. The sealing requirements for packaging and equipment are very low.
    The working process and cleaning principle of the rotary spray cleaning machine are here. If you have any doubts or want to purchase the machine, please follow our website www.a7f4.com for more information.