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    For the front and back waves of myopia and glasses, it's an unavoidable job to spend time cleaning glasses every day. Today, I'll talk about the things that ultrasonic cleaning equipment can be used to clean glasses.
    When it comes to ultrasonic cleaning, it is estimated that some people will think that the high-frequency vibration of the ultrasonic wave is used to crush the dirt. In fact, ultrasonic cleaning uses ultrasonic cavitation.
    When the ultrasonic wave acts on the liquid, a large number of small bubbles will be generated. When the ultrasonic energy is high enough, the tiny bubbles (cavitation nuclei) in the liquid will vibrate, grow and continuously gather the energy of the acoustic field under the action of the ultrasonic field. When the energy reaches a certain threshold, the cavitation bubbles will collapse and close rapidly, which is the ultrasonic cavitation.
    The bubble life of cavitation is about 0.1 μ s. It can release huge energy when it collapses sharply, and generate a micro jet with a speed of about 110m / s and a strong impact force, making the collision density as high as 1.5kg/cm2.
    The energy released when the cavitation bubble collapses can cause the dirt attached to the surface of the object to be sharply damaged and make the dirt fall off. The cavitation bubble is very small, and can also enter the gap that cannot be cleaned at ordinary times to clean the dirt.
    We can often see a lot of smoke like dirt in the water when cleaning glasses with an ultrasonic cleaner, which is shocking. In fact, this is because the glasses are in close contact with the human face, and they are contaminated with many greasy dirt, which is rapidly dispersed and emulsified by ultrasonic cavitation, just like smoke in water.
    matters needing attention:
    A. When there are many dust and particles on the lens, dry wipe with clothes or paper towels, which will easily cause wear of the lens and the coating on the lens. Usually, rinse with water, wash with detergent, and then dry with paper towel.
    B. The ultrasonic cleaning machine uses the ultrasonic cavitation effect to clean the gaps between the lens frame and the lens. The effect is quite good, but it is not good to clean the oil stains and fingerprints on the lens.
    C. For washing glasses, the use frequency of ultrasonic cleaning machine should not be too high. It is recommended to wash them once a week or two.
    D. If there are many people wearing glasses at home, and there are many small items (such as jewelry and handmade items) to be cleaned, and the frequency of use is high, it is good to buy an ultrasonic cleaning machine; Simply washing glasses is not recommended.
    If there are many people wearing glasses at home and the use frequency is high, it is still very good to buy an ultrasonic cleaning machine. Ultrasonic cleaning machine can not only clean glasses, but also clean other things. You can contact us at www.a7f4.com to learn more.