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    1. Automatic conveyor chain: stainless steel material transmission, chain transmission, continuous through type forward, to ensure the smooth and accurate operation of the cleaning basket.

    2、噴淋系統:噴淋清洗共兩套, 一道采用藥劑噴淋清洗,二道采用噴淋漂洗,三道采用噴淋漂洗、四道采用噴淋漂洗,五道采用噴淋防銹、內腔設噴管,噴管上設不銹鋼噴嘴,上下噴淋管噴嘴間錯布置,使清洗工件全方面在清洗區域確保工件清洗時無噴淋盲區,保證工件清洗的潔凈度。

    2. Spray system: there are two sets of spray cleaning, one is chemical spray cleaning, the second is spray rinsing, the third is spray rinsing, the fourth is spray rinsing, the fifth is spray rust prevention, the inner chamber is equipped with nozzle, the nozzle is equipped with stainless steel nozzle, and the nozzles of upper and lower spray pipes are staggered, so that the cleaning workpiece is in the cleaning area in all aspects, and there is no spray blind area when cleaning the workpiece, Ensure the cleanliness of workpiece cleaning.


    Spray cleaning machine


    3. Oil removal device: because the treatment capacity of the front cleaning station is large, the oil content in the cleaning solution is large. In order to prevent excessive oil content in the drainage, this station is equipped with oil removal system.


    4. Filter circulation system: circulation filter tank cleaning agent, improve the cleaning effect. Bag filter is used.


    5. Water cut system: the water cut chamber is discharged into the main drainage pipe separately, and an isolation section is set outside the feed and discharge to prevent water mist from channeling each other; Detachable maintenance windows are set at the front and rear to facilitate equipment maintenance and cleaning.


    6. Air extraction system: each spraying and air cutting section is provided with an air extraction hole on the side to connect the main pipe, and the front end of the main pipe is equipped with a demisting tower with a lassie ring inside and a centrifugal fan for air extraction


    7. Electrical control system: independent control cabinet, equipped with PLC programmable controller, frequency converter, contactor and other master electrical control components, assembled with imported famous brand components, with stable and reliable performance and long service life. See electrical control diagram for control circuit.

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